Our Mission
To make this community a better place for tomorrow. We exist to help those in need, to aid those that can't help themselves. We use our desire to be loved and longing to be a part of something bigger, to come up with one of the greatest communities ever. A family full of memories and shenanigans, that love to live life on the edge but at the same time give back to those in need. 
Our Vision
For ChiveOn Murfreesboro to truly be the 10%. To come together not as a community, not as a group, but as a family. One that leans on each other and provides each other with laughter and support.  A family that creates memories that, let's face it, sometimes some of us won't remember.  A family that knows when to have fun and when it's time to make a difference.  A family that this community is proud to partner with. 
Our Goal
We want the community to ask "who is that group is over there making a difference", we want to be able to say "that is Chive On Murfreesboro". We would love for us to come to a point where the community is reaching out for our support instead of us asking for ways to help. We want to be the 10%. To use our ability to have fun and provide each other with constant laughs, and infect the community with our positive nature. 
The Admins of ChiveOn Murfreesboro
Mike Reyes

Mike Reyes, born in New York raised in California. Employed and moved back to Tenn by Verizon Wireless where I have worked for since 2001. Father, fiancé, friend, leader, passionate, engaged and active.  These are a few things that make me who I am. I love to make people smile, I love to show those around me how to enjoy life, to find their dream and make it a reality. How do I do this?   Where do I begin?  Let me tell you where, in the heart. My heart has always been one to help others while having fun. I believe firmly that life can be enjoyed and yet at the same time, shared with other at the same pace. When I moved here from Southern California back in May of 2014, I came only with my fiancé Jenna and my friend Jace. As we started to build relationships I could easily tell that the people around us here in Murfreesboro were doing the same but in Nashville. As the friendships grew stronger it was easy to see that Murfreesboro was ready for its own group. So each day I started talking to my fiancé more and more about starting our own Chive group here. One that was going to make a difference in the community, to help those who needed it, to be that group that people ask to come back. One who leaves the world better then they found it each and every day. So one day I decided that our group was ready and I was going to take that next step and make it happen. I knew the journey was one that needed companionship so I discussed how I felt with a few of my closest friend’s,  Melissa, Samantha and Jace, ones that I knew felt the same as me and that I could trust to be committed with the same passion as myself and they wasted no time jumping on board. Murfreesboro chive was born.    
Melissa Bruce

I started following theCHIVE in early 2014 after I traveled to Savannah, GA for St Patrick’s Day with a few Chivers from the Atlanta area. For years I had been seeing people wearing shirts with theCHIVE’s mantra “Keep Calm and Chive On”, it was the strangest thing to me at the time considering I had no idea that it was not about the herb. So I finally asked and boy was I in for a treat! I was given the long-winded version of what theCHIVE is all about, I was intrigued needless to say so I found the Nashvhille Chive Facebook page after a few weeks of contemplating if I really wanted to be involved in all of the crazy shenanigans I had witnessed in Savannah. Fast forward to several months down the road, after staying in the background and silently observing I decided to go to my first event - the Nasvhille Chive  meet up at a Predator’s game, with a portion of the proceeds going to a local charity. It was an awesome experience, so I decided to stay and get involved. My personal turning point was when I came across a flash charity posting that theCHIVE ("the mother site" as we so affectionately call it) had put out on Facebook about needing help with a dying veteran’s mission to build a military retreat to help end veteran suicide. In less than 24 hours, more than $250,000 was raised - all through Facebook posts and shares, all from Chivers. It was awe-inspiring, I remember thinking if a group of people can come together to do that then we can do anything. From that moment on, the volunteer bug bit and I have let it take me on one wild ride. I became a volunteer with the American Red Cross, I donate and raise awareness for Active Heroes (the foundation building the military retreat mentioned above), and I came together with 3 of my closest friends to create a local Chive chapter right here in Murfreesboro. I Chive to make my community a better place to live, the knowledge that we can make a difference no matter how large the task is pushes me to be a better person on a daily basis. This is what we do, we are the 10%.