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To understand who we are and what we do, we first must explain where we came from - theCHIVE. In 2008, a website was established to collect and show off the newest and funniest viral photos and videos from across the web as well as those that were submitted by fans and  followers. These fans and followers later became known as "Chivers" and we carry the name like a badge of honor. We are a group of like-minded people that pay it forward through random acts of kindness and helping others, most of the time complete strangers that we will never meet, while keeping a positive outlook on life. What started as one of the world’s largest online photo and humor blogs, theCHIVE has transformed into something much larger, something more important. 
Local chapters have popped up across the nation with Chivers coming together to volunteer with local non-profit and community organizations to help out those around them. ChiveOn Murfreesboro was created to do the same, to help out those in our community. We also strive to raise awareness and monetary donations for national charities and non-profit organizations. 
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From funny videos to charity fundraisers, theCHIVE reached a turning point in 2011 with the creation of Chive Charities. Please watch this video to see the amazing phenomenon that Chivers are known for, flash charity fundraising. Their very first attempt at a flash charity fundraiser the donations totaled more than $30,000 in 1 day.
Chive Charities and the Chive Fund exist to tackle the causes that not everyone knows about, the underdogs. Some of these are rare medical conditions, underfunded special needs education initiatives as well as organizations that provide emergency assistance/disaster relief. To date, Chive Charities has helped to reign in $5.1 million for these underdog causes.